These are the most frequently asked questions that we have listed here for you.

Why doesn't my license work immediately?
CLIX Distri sells pre-owned licenses. This means that we sell licenses that were activated earlier, but are no longer active due to hardware replacement. These licenses are then reactivated. Now it is possible that the reactivation failed. Approximately 90% of the licenses still work through re-activation via the telephone (Tel: 036-2100400).
We give you a 100% license guarantee. We guarantee that if you buy a license from us, you will receive an optimally working license from us.
What is a pre-owned key?

It is a key / license that has previously activated a software package. For example on a laptop. When this software is replaced or when the laptop is replaced, the installed software is no longer used. The license can therefore be applied again.

Why do I get a Microsoft Piracy Warning?

Because not all pre-owned keys are reactivated correctly, it is possible that you will receive the standard warning for software piracy upon activation of your Microsoft product.

Why did reactivating not work the first time?

Microsoft only wants to sell the very latest products, according to their own conditions. Reactivating used keys therefore has no priority.

What is license guarantee?

We guarantee you a license that works optimally. In the meantime, you can always download a fully working (trial) version of the software product of your choice. Contact our customerservice for a download link.

How can you be so cheap?

Microsoft’s fixed sales channel is tied to fixed sales prices. That is the price agreement that Microsoft makes that is therefore much higher. We are independent of Microsoft, which means we can implement a flexible pricing policy.

Is it allowed what you do?

We act according to the following European Decision:

Case law
European decision
April 24, 2012

Second-hand software licenses are completely legal, the European Court ruled

The European Union Court of Justice has recently taken a milestone decision in favor of the commercialization of second hand software licenses of any kind. According to this, once a software seller or distributor sells a copy of any software tool, it automatically loses its exclusive rights to distribution, making it completely legal for companies and individuals to re-sell their own copies, legitimating this niche market for companies such as the German based UsedSoft, the company that took the case to the European Court.

In addition, it is clearly stated in the Court decision that no difference could be applied between physical media and download products. “It makes no difference whether the copy of the computer program was made available by means of a download from the right holder’s website or by means of a material medium such as a CD-ROM or DVD,” the court ruled. “Even if the right holder formally separates the customer’s right to use the copy of the program supplied from the operation of transferring the copy of the program to the customer on a material medium, the operation of downloading from that medium a copy of the computer program and that of concluding a license agreement remain inseparable from the point of view of the acquirer.”

The transfer of property of the licenses also implies the transfer of the legal obligations stablished for both parts, including maintenance and upgrades, also meaning that multiple user licenses for instance cannot be split and sold separately, since the original conditions would still apply in case of a re-sell.

However, this decision only affects the European markets, since previous Court decisions in the United States followed a completely different direction. In the precedent-setting case Vernor vs. Autodesk, it was established that US buyers purchase the ability to use a license, but they do not own the software, making redistribution not legally possible. This does not prevent American users to purchase licenses outside the USA, although the legality of such possibility is still unclear.

Nevertheless, this European Court decision has a huge importance for companies, since it eliminates the distinction between the purchase of a license and the purchase of a product. The implications of this measure for international trade and intellectual property legislation on the long term still would need to be further discussed, but on the short term the cost-saving potential for European organizations is undoubtedly very important. We will see in the future the real impact that the opening of this market has for European Union based companies.

What kind of support do you offer?

You can always contact us via email, chat or by telephone. Our support staff is happy to handle your question during office hours.

Since we have the license guarantee as the starting point of our business operations, you will always be helped with a working license. If you contact us, we will ask you about the procedure followed or to send screenshots.